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NQ Trader uses a time proven trading methodology, NinjaTrader software, and live instructions to guide you through the processes of learning to trade.

Morning trade room monthly subscription

  • Morning traderoom monthly subscription
  • Full access to the daily trade room
  • Live price action trading
  • Actual trades are called out during group
  • Available group/class times are Monday through Thursday 9-11am EST
  • (requires video course purchase you may choose an add on here)


You will begin with the basics of technical analysis, candlestick charting, price action, order entry and trading strategies. You will learn how to choose a broker, understand margins, commissions, fees and their platforms. We offer assistance with software hardware, trading and charting platforms.

"We teach a trading system that has a proven track record, excellent performance and produces many winning short term trades daily." You will master this system on a simulator platform before ever risking real money. You will also learn how to minimize your exposure and risk.

With futures it’s possible to control substantial amounts of the instruments you choose to trade, with very little capital. You can easily leverage a small capital investment to control a large position. We help you to understand common trading mistakes and learn to manage the many risk factors involved in trading. Make substantial gains in less time, regardless of the direction the markets take. Trading futures greatly expands your ability to generate returns in a short time frames.

Our successfully teaching methodology makes learning to trade futures profitably very easy to understand.


You can pay by credit card, debit card, or check. For credit card or debit card payments please use the links below. For checks please contact us at 1-754-800-1810 or email to info@nqtrader.us. When joining up please make sure you have included your correct email address and phone number.

Day classes and evening classes are not interchangeable after you have begun the course. You must choose one before you begin. If you wish to change after you have started you may request a change and a 50% change fee will be imposed. If you wish to sign up for both days and evenings, the cost of the additional course will be discounted 50%. Video courses are non-refundable. The full chart library access is only available with the complete 4 month course purchase.


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