NQ TRADER Introduction to Futures Trading


Are you on the fence about how to start trading? Maybe you are not even sure what trading means, or you are confusing trading with investing. This class is ideal for people with no experience. This intro is an one hour intensive, live online class, covering all the basics to help you make the correct decisions in your financial future. Basically there are about a million different ways to make or lose money in the financial markets and it can be very confusing and very risky for someone trying to start out. During the class we offer non-bias facts and opinions about different types of trading and investing choices.

Learn the basics of investing

The microphones are open and you have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like. What this class does not cover are specific stock or commodity pick. It's more about what would suits you based on your personal needs and goals. Are you looking for a active trading system or a passive income investment?

Make money in the stock markets

Intro to Futures is a beginners guide. We start with the basic concepts and move through some easy to learn easy to profit ideas for the beginners.

Do you want to invest, but you are not sure where to start? We are not trying to sell you something, we are teaching you the differences between one investment and the next.

This class can offer people just starting out a forum to learn how to make money from investing or trading wisely.

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