About NQ Trader

• Learn to trade. Futures. Options. Forex. Stocks and More.
• Take control of your money, understand the risks and rewards.
• Education is key to successful trading. Learn from professionals.
• All of NQ Trader classes include live groups with real trading.
• We are available for coaching one on one by phone and email.

NQ Trader is a boutique trading school. We are dedicated to teaching you how to trade. We offer students plenty of one on one coaching in a smaller online classroom setting. Real phone support is always available.

In our view, to become a successful trader you have to learn to manage yourself, focus, and specialize within a market. In other words if you stick with one thing and focus, you will succeed. DVD’s and books do not offer this insight. Speaking directly with live traders, during real-time trading sessions, gives you the ability to understand all the nuances of the systems and the psychology of trading.

At NQ Trader we believe that in order to become a successful trader you must practice in an environment that is as close to real trading as possible. NQ Trader offers students that capability. NQ Trader offers daily live groups and classes where students can see real trades.

All classes are taught on-line. We offer professional instruction and you will have access to live trade rooms. You will practice simulated trading before you ever risk a penny. You will also have access to a wide array of home study materials. There is no need to have prior trading experience, or if you have experience in a different area of investing or trading you will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge. If you have been trading with someone else and are not having the best results, you will be able to sharpen your skills. There is plenty of one on one coaching available. You will have easy access to remote classrooms and state of the art trading platforms. We want you to learn to be a better trader.

What exactly is NQ Trader offering? You will learn everything you need to know about the instruments and the type of trading you choose, from opening different types of accounts, and trading on a simulator platform. You will learn technical analysis, charting, candlesticks, indicators, back-testing and other market essentials. After you understand the basics You will learn one of our trading systems that work day in and day out with an excellent win ratio. You will also learn how to minimize your exposure and manage your risk. Finally you will have access to NQ trader's live groups, and with the help of a coach you can practice what you have learned in class and watch live trading. We also help with setting up your software, hardware, and backup systems.

Can I do this? Trading is a skill almost anyone can learn with practice. It is not something you can learn in a week, but most people are able to fully understand trading, charting, risk, and technical analysis within a few months. Some of the keys to becoming a successful trader are consistency, methodology and screen time. We will provide you with as much as of these as you need.

How can I Pay? You can pay using your credit or debit card on the join page. To pay by check please contact us directly by telephone.

How do I access the trade room and trade classes? You can access groups through your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart-phone. All that is necessary is headphones or speakers. Emails are sent out daily inviting you to the trade room. Usually the invitations are sent out 1 hour before the group starts. The passwords change daily.

Will NQ Trader trade for me? We are not a managed account service or investment advisor. We will not trade for students. You can watch live trading real-time and trade your own account. Piggybacking trades are not recommended.

Do you make recommendations? The groups and classes are for training and educational purposes. We teach around specific instruments and call actual live trades, which help facilitate learning. General charting and trading platform information is available. Also different brokerages, margins, commissions, and fees are discussed.

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