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NQ Trader teaches a combination of scalping, swing and position trading. We use price action and technical analysis that is based on standard practices and produces excellent win ratios daily. We use a time proven trading methodology.


"Trading has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my retirement years. The course covers all the finer points of trading that I never could have picked up without your help. Thanks again"



"It is difficult to know where to start to thank you for all your patient and assistance while learning how to trade."

Leonard Petrozelli

"I just wanted to say Thank You for passing your knowledge on to me, and taking extra time to help me with my questions... I'm averaging 150 to 200 per day on one Contract for the last couple weeks... you are a great teacher!!!!"

Justin O.


"All of the one on one sessions that were provided made learning a pleasure. Thanks you for everything."

Dan D.

"Daily groups are like economics classes. I continue to enjoy them."



"You have gone well beyond my expectations. Learning from you has been great from day one. You have my thanks."

Ed Rommel

"Your teaching style has made it extremely easy for me to learn something I never thought I could. Thank you Jordan"



"After 5 years of trading one instrument after another and not ever becoming consistent at one style you have helped me to finally figured it out. Your teaching methods have been the highlight of my days."


"Thanks for all your coaching, I will always use what I have learned from your groups and classes.."

Steve Andrews


"What an eye opening experience learning to trade has been. I can't wait to wake up and trade the markets."


"NQ trader has changed my LIFE! I am AMAZED at how QUICK I was able to get results and get to the point that I want to be. With the help of Jordan, I was able to change my career. "



"I'm really enjoying learning your method. It clearly works and it makes sense to me why it works. It's also very much in sync with my style. "


"The problem with so many training programs, as I have found to my dismay, is that you can’t learn to trade in a day, weekend, or 6 months. You need to spend a lot of time watching the market with someone who knows what they are talking about. That would be you. "



"I want thank both of you for how incredibly accessible you are, but mostly for how much time you guys put into this. I have to say, for what you charge, it's really unbelievable how much personal attention you give. "


"thanks Ted. It was incredibly helpful to have you review my chart today. I learned a lot. Each day I learn a few new things, some more things become easier, and everything becomes just a little bit more clear. There is no way to fast track this, I thought there might be, but I was wrong. It's good feeling though to end each day knowing I've made some progress. Thanks for the help. I'm getting far more value than I paid for."


"Hi Jordan, So far really enjoying being in your trading room and learning your method. You're an excellent teacher. I think this is the best trading education money I've spent so far. When I can quit my job and be a full-time trader, I will definitely confirm that. Thanks, "


"I would like to thank you for your time and effort in the training sessions you provide. I have been trading regularly lately and doing well. I still make a couple of mistakes every once and a while but they end up being irrelevant over the trading day. "

Mark Ellis


"Just wanted to let you know that practice has been going well, and that I'm addicted. Now I need to take these successes from the practice field onto the playing field and see if I can somewhat replicate these successes. Thank you for all your help, wisdom, and guidance."


"From the time I was with he group, I learned several valuable trading points.
First and foremost, I learned to take my time and be patient by placing my trade and then waiting for the result. I had never been in a room with another trader, and therefore had no idea that it could be so relaxed. When I was training with the prior guy, he had a class once a week and we went over the prior weeks charts. There was no additional input needed from us on his algorithm such as drawing trend lines, and individual interpretation. When it showed green, you bought and when it showed red, you sold. Simple as that. Buuuuut, not so easy. This is where your training came in especially helpful. Slow down, make your trade and wait til it either hits your target, or hits your stop loss. Simpler. Less stressful. Some days with him, I thought that I was going to blow a gasket, flipping and flopping like a fish out of water. Health issues were starting to get on my mind. This only added to the stress of losing.
Another thing that I learned is to trade with a less expensive instrument than what I was trading with him. We were trading the TF which is $100 per point compared to NQ. Not as easy to get big days but easier to not have big down days."




"I wanted to thank you and Ted for teaching me this system. I think Ted is a wonderful instructor and have learned a lot from him during these past 5 months. I wish you both continued success in all of your endeavors in life."



"I have to admit that I had no idea of the extent to which psychology is a part of trading Thanks for helping me through it. "

Mark R

"Hi Jordan, am really glad i sign up for the classes, and i can see its not easy but its not that hard neither."

Regards, Alfredo

"Hey Jordan,
No need to respond.
Great first class for me Monday night! I was a bit worried trying to figure out the “handout” over the weekend but class cleared up 75%. I’ll get the other 75% when my brain isn’t so full!"

Thanks, Paul


"I am very excited to learn from you.
You exceeded my expectations once again."


Thanks Anthony Barnes

"Good morning,

I just want to tell you that I am really enjoying your class. You are a wonderful and patient teacher :)

Hopefully in a month or so, I will understand more and the morning call will make more sense. "

Thanks! Irene

"I am so happy to have finally given my first sim session a go! And love what you’ve taught me! Thanks so much!"

Paul B


Had my eureka moment, and steering towards conscious competence. Thanks for your help and instruction.


"Hey Jordan,
I want to thank you for all the classes!
I really enjoyed your teaching and all the good information. I’ll keep in touch and let you know when I make this profitable!"

Sincerely, Paul


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"Hello Ted,
I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your class and teaching style. This experience has really exceeded my expectations. Although I am aware that I still have a long way to go, I am confident that thanks to you, I have a good foundation for being a successful trader. I truly appreciate your expertise and patience. I remember how frustrated I was when I began this venture. You really did a great job holding my hand during the period and I want you to know that I appreciated it. Wow... did I just do a testimonial? Please have a wonderful weekend and successful bracketing, I mean trading! "

Larry Tucker

'The hours and effort you put in teaching makes this training a very good value, and I will continue to recommend NQTrader. "
"I am enjoying and finding the course meaningful and very worthwhile. "

Chuck H

I have enjoyed my first 3 weeks of classes. There is a lot to learn, but I think I am progressing well.

Thanks, Steve Wilson


I traded 18 trades over 2 day - 2 losses 16 wins
This is all starting to make sense!

Thanks Joe

"One of the main appeals of your style is its ability to find high probability entries that are far out of traffic. That is the problem of taking the traditional with trend confirmation trade. it is what everyone else is doing on various time frames and results in congestion around what the market profile types call the Point of Control which is a known bad place to put on a trade, in the middle of a congestion area. You don't do that and your method is one of the few easily described methods that actually works. There are people all over the internet that sell systems that work great in videos but don't work in real time because they cherry picked the examples. Another huge plus with your system is that it has a high winning percentage while trading with a single lot so that it would work well with a small account. "

thanks again, Archie

I am trying to learn your system full time spending 6 hours a day and its really making sense to me.
I know your time line and I am excited to get started trading.
I traded a couple of years ago with the emini academy, they did not have a system or training even close to yours. I loved trading, just needed a good system. Obviously yours it it.


Hi Jordan,
I really enjoyed the class and I am looking forward to learning all about how to succeed in trading futures. Thanks for having me. Have a great night.


You are a good teacher and thank you for that. Also, I want to thank you for persevering with me. Thank you for persevering with others because as you know, when you explain it to them it solidifies in my mind. Thank you for adequately explaining how to use your system even when people like me think they have some insight that is totally erroneous. Thanks for allowing me to recover with grace when I make a mistake and ask another stupid question. Thanks for being willing to repeat the information 1,000 and 10 times.

Remember that you are making a difference in the lives of many. Thank you for doing what you do. I appreciate you.



Hi Jordan Thanks for everything am been profitable for the last 2 month

Regards, Alfredo


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